Food Journal Thursday, August 3

Breakfast: Bluberry Muffin quest bar, coffee with half and half

Snack: Light string cheese

Lunch: Life wheat protein bread with tuscan chicken breast, pickled beans, curried cauliflower

Snack: 2 Sauder’s buffalo hard boiled eggs

Dinner: 6oz. Ahi Tuna steak, 1 tbsp primal kitchen chipotle lime mayo, smart classics (alexa) crinkle cut fries

Snack: blueberries and strawberries with 4 squares lily’s dark chocolate with almonds

Calories:1,074 Protein:  110g  Fat: 44g  Carbs: 67g /44g net Fiber: 23g


Carbs: 24%  Protein:  45% Fat: 36%



Author: cbeckwith32

Christie is a 30-something lovely lady who dislikes speaking of herself in third person, but really loves conjunctions and run on sentences. She has been described as snarky, awkward, and sometimes clever by those who have had the pleasure of her company. Yes, even awkward can be pleasurable. She is a dreamer, a one-time, self-published children's book author, an intense thinker, a music lover, a poet, a writer, a Christian, Aquarian, middle child, a mom, and a wife in whatever order her readers prescribe to be the most appropriate. All of her posts and featured images are original.

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