#realtalk I’ve Seen Your Future

Let’s keep up with the #realtalk and discuss the issue of healthcare as it relates to exercising and eating right.

I have worked in health care as a technologist since 2004. I’d like to make yet another compelling case for taking care of your body NOW. Not in 10 years, not after your first health scare (which incidentally could be your last), not next week – NOW.

In my last post, I addressed choices. We as humans – especially Americans – are given so many choices in our daily lives. I think some of the reason choices are made in a mindless way is that we are creatures of habit, also we don’t immediately see the consequences of every action.

Allow me to give some perspective as someone who has seen the future.

I see you, an 80-year-old, who took good care of yourself. Ate farm to table, took daily walks, and stayed active – didn’t let your age or setbacks stop you from keeping up with your care.

You cost the least to insure. You save America a LOT of moolah in health care costs. And, when you step through the door of the doctor’s office where I work, you have better health outcomes, a better chance of healing from your setbacks, you have better mobility, you have healthy kids, healthy grandkids, and healthy great-grandchildren.

I also see you, 45-year-old who put your body through hell. Whether it was fast food, a sedentary lifestyle, too much tv/video games/ screen time, holding on to stress and bitterness. I see that you barely had the motivation to go to the doctor after a lifetime of soreness, achy bones, itchy skin, GI issues, and now diabetes. I see you ask for yet another pill on top of a long list of pills dying for relief.

This is a harsh reality, but if you are patient #2, and you are reading this:  do yourself a solid and find a way – no matter what you have to go through – to care for yourself better. You may already be running down the typical list of reasons why you haven’t begun:

“My family has bad genes”. I have read your medical chart some of it is bad genes – a lot of it is inherited bad habits. Your choices aren’t helping you stave off the affects of those bad genes.

My knees/back/shoulders etc hurt”. Modify! Get into a club/class/program, and modify. The least you can do is the most you can do. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Go ahead and test your limitations. Just don’t quit.

I just don’t have the motivation”.  Motivation is not a prerequisite to movement.

“What should I do”? Move your body. If you like tv – watch it while you’re on the treadmill/row machine/stationary bike. If you like to dance – pop on youtube and do your thing. If you want to punch everyone in the head – box! There are SO many ways you can move your body in ways that work for you. Just stop telling yourself that only body builders and personal trainers workout. Lots of every day people do. All you have to do is move.

“I’m too busy”. You will have less time to live by not working out – trust me, this one pays off in the end and also in the during.

I can’t afford it” – It costs nothing to take a walk or hike. Fresh produce is priced lower per pound than meat. Water is free. Do the best you can with what you have. Planning meals cost SO much less than eating out – even eating fast food these days is expensive!

It’s too difficult” – So is living in constant pain.

There is temptation everywhere”. I know! We are in this together. If I can’t help you, someone else can.  Find them – and reach out.

If you can think of another excuse – treat it as just that – an excuse! We either make excuses or we make a way. I’m telling you this out of love. I tell this to my children often. Eating right and moving your body doesn’t automatically mean everyone gets a long life and dies of old age, but it makes the life you do have that much more enjoyable.

Please understand that if this post hurt your feelings it’s because it resonated with you- all it takes is one foot in front of the other. One choice at a time – one day at a time. Your body is a gift and if you treat it as one – your mind will start to recognize it as one.

Girl vs. Cookie

I’m trying to lose weight. I look at both the figurative and literal plate in front of me and it is full.  The figurative plate is full of responsibilities from working to pay bills, raising and moulding the two eternal souls I’ve been entrusted with, being an active member of my church, keeping up with the household, keeping up with friends, showering and other general hygiene practices etc… My plate is full and the portion is generous. Often times, my plate is too full, I delegate some of my portion, other parts of it fall off, some get thrown away.

In the smallest corner of my figurative life plate is a portion I keep for myself. Sometimes, I forget to protect this portion. Sometimes, I give this portion away and I suffer for it. As a result of my suffering, others who are in my realm of care suffer as well.

Often, when my figurative plate is full – so is my literal plate. Every emotion available to man seems to be a reason to eat. Eat when happy, eat when sad, eat when mourning, eat when celebrating, eat when lonely, eat when bored. We used to just eat to live. Now, we have the benefit of eating when and how we want – which makes eating right a responsibility rather than the only option available.

With that being said, I’ll admit what you probably can relate to: Sometimes eating right and exercising are NOT on my to do list.

Last week, I had planned on starting the Daily Burn 365 series and working out 6 days per week. Monday was off to a good start. I ate healthy at work all day and was flying off good energy and positive vibes. Then around 5pm, when I got home from work – I hit a wall of headache, fatigue, and moodiness. So I told myself I would work out Tuesday and by Wednesday gave up again.

I was praying and telling God, “I just don’t feel like working out. I feel like giving up. I feel like eating whatever I want”. After this defeated prayer, I fully intended to follow through on my exit plan.

When I got to work, there were cookies in the fridge (because for some reason people think cookies need to go in the fridge). I took out an m&m cookie, broke off a piece, and looked at it thinking: “I don’t want to feel like crap all day because of this choice. I don’t want a sugar rush, and sugar crash, and all the emotional garbage that will probably come with making this one decision on impulse”.

So, I didn’t eat it. I threw it away. It wasn’t magic – I simply made a decision.

Every day we make so many choices and each choice we make is either a healing one or a hurtful one.

Often times, we get stuck in these healing or hurting cycles. I realize that this sentiment can be applied to every area of our lives. Is it healing for me to binge watch something on Netflix or harmful? Does eating half of a cookie for breakfast set me on a path of hurt? Can one bad choice lead to another until a mess of bad choices leaves me with a bad life or one I’m not happy with?  Does making one good choice have the potential to snowball into other good choices for myself, for my family, for the lives of those I care about?

What’s important is making choices that work for you. Not everyone’s priorities look the same.

How many people are trapped in a cycle of what hurts them – knowing that it does not benefit them, but not sure how to stop it? Anyone who has suffered from an addiction knows that the first thing you do is start. Ok, maybe the first thing you do is admit you have a problem and seek help, but you get where I’m going.

This may not hit you in the warm and tinglys, but you won’t always feel motivated to workout and eat right, BUT

You don’t need motivation to do what’s right!

Nike the shit out of that and Just. Do. It.  (P.s. – credit to Wendy’s fiance’ Joe who posted these sentiments on his Instagram. I legit stole this insight from his post!)

I’m giving myself a pep talk here because I need it. There was a time when working out was a habit, was a healthy addiction, and was enjoyable. Somehow, it became a chore, then an obligation, then something I didn’t do.

Working out needs to be something I do regularly because every area of my life improves when I am. Today I started again. Here’s to tomorrow!

Self-Care: A Letter to my Body

Before I write this letter, I want to thank my faithful friend Wendy for being a beacon of encouragment and help since the day I met her. She encouraged me a while back when I reached out to her with how much I’m struggling to write a letter to myself as if I was speaking to a friend who was going through a difficult time. With that suggestion, she completely shifted my perspective and helped me to realize I would not talk to a friend the way I’ve talked to myself.

Dear Body, 

I want to apologize to you for how I have treated you. I have put you through physical and mental abuse. My mind has been a bully to you. She keeps telling me, you aren’t living up to the ideal of physical perfection. She gets a glimpse of you in the mirror and nitpicks those thick thighs, wide hips, tummy pooch, double chin, and cankles. Somewhere you were told you weren’t enough, and you started to believe it.

Body, I forget sometimes that you have birthed two healthy, vivacious boys. I don’t appreciate you enough or thank you that your 7 year old can still run full speed and jump into your arms without it hurting you. I forgot to say thank you for helping me bike 10 miles around an island with a 7 year old riding tandem up a plethora of hills. I didn’t appreciate that my shoulders remained intact when I played on the monkey bars with my 12 year old.

In my attempts to make you “perfect” all I really wanted was to be worthy of love and acceptance. However, I was witholding acceptance from you. I put you in a hostage situation without a key.

There were times you and I worked hard. We did HIIT, and pull ups, push ups, planks, burpees, and more. We lifted things up and put them back down. There were times when I took good care of you, and other times I did not. You kept letting me know when I was taking care of you by growing in strength, giving me a clear mind and a good night’s sleep. 

You let me know when I wasn’t taking good care of you too. You don’t lie.

Somewhere during our journey, my mind messed with me. It told me I had to keep on trying to pursue a perfect body, instead of a healthy one. It kept telling me that no matter how strong I was or how much weight I would lose, that you still had work to do. It kept telling me that caring for myself physically was the only way others would accept me. 

This negative mindset has been difficult to shed. More difficult than losing weight in fact. Body, as hard as it is to believe, my self worth isn’t tied to you.

You are a vessel and a blessing and that is how I wish to treat you. You are a gift to me to use in order to pour out love to those around me. You are strong!

Let me list some of the amazing things you can do:

You can wrestle with your kids. You can jog over a mile. You have jogged a half marathon. You can dance awkwardly (hello zumba). You can hike through the woods. You can carry in all the bags of groceries because you know you’re not going to take 2 trips. You can stand on your head! You can play piano. You can juggle. You can drive a stick shift. You can hug. You can keep trying because wherever you are now doesn’t have to be where you’ll end up!

I apologize for putting you through this body. I forgot who I am, and I forgot whose I am. However, I have every intention of reminding you each day that you are capable, that you want your choices to reflect who you were made to be, and that you do not have to trek through this life alone. Body, for as many people would negate things about you that don’t line up with their ideas of asthetics, you have so many people who want you to thrive! Look to them for encouragement. Do not get stuck in the idea that you have to do this all alone. 

You are loved and you are held. That is who you are.

~Love Christie

Why Being Strict is More Freeing than Doing Whatever I want

The blessing of limitations

The question was posed at church this Sunday: Which of my desires cause freedom? Which of my desires leads to slavery?

We live in a world with a prominent theology that says, “Freedom means doing whatever you want, whenever you want”. Even though reality is entirely opposite- this type of thinking prevails. Every time I would go to diet, I struggled with the following verse from Matthew 25:

25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 

Is tracking my food leading to freedom or am I enslaved to MyFitnessPal and my food choices by the drudgery that is weighing, measuring, and tracking each bite?

Tracking my food intake and modifying appropriately as my body changed was the first step I took in successfully losing 60 pounds, so why had it become such an enemy? After re-reading verses 25-33 the context these words were written was one meant to help keep its readers from worry as it says in verse 27 “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to his life?” 

Tracking my food is what keeps me from worrying if I have over eaten. This type of worrying in the past has left me depriving myself by keeping an ever-growing list of things I could not eat. Then ultimately, it would lead to guilt when I couldn’t adhere to my own rules.

So, as I pondered the inital question – ‘which of my desires were leading me to freedom and which to slavery’? My great “Aha”! moment came when I realized, I need these boundaries to be free.

I have a vast knowledge of the things I should and shouldn’t eat. I know by now what foods give me energy, and which drains me. I know which food mess with my psyche making me moody and unmotivated. So why is it so difficult to choose what’s best for me? Because I am missing two key components: accountability and boundaries. This blog may be me just talking to myself, but even if I see that 1 person has read it, even if they didn’t hit the ‘like’ button, it keeps me accountable. I work on setting boundaries almost daily. I work on creating boundaries that keep me healthy and sane rather than those that keep me tied down and obsessive. THAT is where I need to find balance!

Let me tell you that I can not just ‘wing it’ when it comes to my health. I need prepping, and pre-cooking, and preparing because, by default, I’m multi-tasking almost every moment of my day. I need goals to keep me focused, my handy tips and tricks to pull from, and daily preparation to keep me on point with my goals.

At times the only thing I feel I can cling to is an unwillingness to give up. I have to shift some of my priorities as life happens, but I’m never willing to quit.


Weekend vs. Weekday choices

When I decide to ‘enjoy life’ by indulging in sweets, am I falling back into old habits or can I take it for what it is: a treat, and move on?

This is the balance I’m trying to find. I know there is a time and place to loosen the reigns and allow yourself to indulge and there are times when indulging is exactly what starts another out of control spiral, but what is the difference?

For instance, it’s easy for me to realize that I don’t want to indulge in cookies, donuts, and pastries every time they show up in my office. The office is not a place where I get enjoyment from those things. I am usually indulging in them to escape boredom.

This weekend, I did something I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do.

I was eating breakfast with my husband at The Toast Office (cute name, I know). I ordered my favorite breakfast: Banana pancakes, 2 eggs over easy, turkey sausage, 2 slices of bacon, home fries, and buttered toast with a side of coffee with just cream in it.

I managed to eat both pancakes, 1 egg, 1 each of the turkey sausage and bacon, 1/2 a slice of toast, and about 3/4 of the home fries. My stomach was satisfied, but I heard my eyes telling me I could probably polish off the rest of the plate.

For the first time in memory: I didn’t. I looked at what was left, and put it in a to go box. I recognized my limit and decided to make a choice to listen to my body instead of my compulsion. I’m not saying that what I did eat wasn’t a lot. I ate a lot of food and I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed keeping within my limits rather than testing them.

Friday night, I had a cannoli from Mike’s Pastry with some new friends we were showing around town. I ate healthy all day Saturday, and then had a bottle of wine with my healthy dinner and binge-watched The Handmaid’s Tale. Sunday, I ate out for breakfast, dinner, and had a dessert.

There is half of me that is tempted to give myself a hard time about it. But the other part of me is also so grateful I got to make new friends on Friday, I had time to rest and be alone on Saturday night, and I took a nice hike with my family on Sunday.

This weekend was different because I got to enjoy life. I wasn’t eating out of any negative emotions. That doesn’t mean I should have had all the food that I did. It just means that my why is changing my how.

One thing I have found that is helping is keeping unhealthy food that I’m tempted to overindulge in out of the house. The next thing I would like to try is to say no when I simply don’t want something. This happens most often in social situations where I say yes, because I don’t want to make things difficult. This is really an old habit of telling myself that always being agreeable equates to people liking you. I’m working on it…


The Problem with Women

I have had the opposite problem of most women. While I had many female friends over the years who always seemed to pick at every little detail in the mirror, I like myself.

I just do. You get exactly what you see here. No hidden details, no underlying dirty secrets in this closet…I like me because I am me!

Let me explain, my default has always been one of self-care and self-confidence. Time after time, I’ve encountered people that have made me question that.

Do I really look bad in those jeans? Has my weight been creeping up so it’s noticeable? I juggle my thoughts around for a while before going back to my baseline of, “Oh, they don’t like something about me…I guess I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea…”

My family are the biggest culprits of judgement against me -and they love me! Here are some examples of actual things that have come out of their mouths:

Older Gentleman I love: “Chrissy, you lost a lot of weight, but you still have a pudge there at your stomach” (spoken to me – outloud – in front of my entire family – after we all ate Christmas Dinner).

So, I brushed it off and told him I had 2 kids, what was his excuse? The whole family laughed at my response, and then he quipped, “I’ve had 4 kids”.

Well sir, no you didn’t, but thank you for making me question why I ate all those helpings of processed meat things and fried food, plus dessert…at Christmas dinner….is it PC to kill yourself at Christmas dinner??? Asking for a friend…

Women I love (notice the naysayers always come in groups): “You’ve always had little boobs”. “Yeah, you’re on the itty-bitty-titty-committee”…. I’ve NEVER been concerned about my B/C cups…until that moment. And more recently (since weight gain does tend to up your rack), “Wow, you have big boobs“.

First of all…I didn’t ask you! Second, I’ve inherited enough of your faults…can we please talk about something else that isn’t utterly mortifying…?

Frenemy who I used to care about: “If you lost anymore weight you’d be ugly”. I can’t really begin to tackle all that is wrong with this statement. This is what happens when you try to be friends with a narcissist.

Let’s move on to general statements that I hear often:

“Go ahead and have a cookie. You always eat so healthy. It doesn’t matter.”

I never ate healthy until I had to”.

I was always skinny until I was (40/50/60/70…)”.

You’ve lost enough weight. You shouldn’t try to lose more”.

Hey, so…can we stop that? There’s enough judgement to go around – men towards women, women towards women…let’s stop it.

Side note: this isn’t the place to tell me men are scrutinized too. We aren’t on that topic today…

Stop telling anyone how to eat! Stop telling them they can have just one, or eat whatever they want just because they aren’t as old as you, or telling them they look good enough! And most of all, stop interrupting people from making good choices for themselves! NO I can NOT just have one cookie! STOP IT! Anytime, you are tempted to do it, repeat after me:

“I’m happy you put such a effort into taking good care of yourself”!


 “You only get one body, it’s good to see you take care of yours”.


“You look very nice today”

(bonus points for specifically pointing out something that you like about their outfit – NEVER about their body).  Or if you just can’t help yourself…just don’t talk at all…

There is a distinction between telling someone that something is wrong with them to help them and pushing your own ideas about yourself onto others…

Self check: Are you really close to this person? Do you both share insights into the other in a fair and loving way? Go ahead and have a loving conversation with them. Are you a doctor/nutritionist/personal trainer etc… seriously concerned for their health and well-being? Ok, sure promote healthier lifestyle choices without murdering their self-esteem, and give them space and time to sort out what you’ve said.

Most of the time though, the people that should be telling the truth aren’t for fear of backlash, and those who shouldn’t be talking at all are blurting out their “age old wisdom”. What I’ve concluded, is that I take what I hear and test it by my own standards i.e. – the only ones that count regarding my personal life choices. On top of this, I do my research.

So the earth-shattering truth is – I like myself. I don’t love every fault I have, but overall, I like myself. So in the most demure and ladylike way possible I invite the trolls to STFU.

Please and thank you.


Baseline Measurements

I’m posting my measurements a little bit after the fact. I’ve already lost 5 pounds of what I presume is mostly water weight. It keeps me humble to see the graph on MyFitnessPal go up and down so quickly…and a little bit nervous.

Starting Weight 7/23/17: 172.3 pounds

Current weight 7/27/17: 167.4 pounds

Resting Heart Rate: 74

Stomach: 35.5″

Right Thigh: 23″

Right Arm: 31″

Honest Hips (they don’t lie): 45″