Food Journal August 4th, 2017

Total Time in Bed:  7 hours  Total time asleep: 6 hours 

Breakfast: Hard boiled buffalo eggs, pink lady apple, coffee with half and half

Snack: 1/2 oreo protein quest bar

Lunch: Bfree GF multigrain wrap with pesto Turkey tenderloins, sundried tomatoes, and light string cheese.

Snack: Halo Top peanut butter cup (it’s amazing), lite babybel cheese, trader joe’s dark chocolate honey mint

Dinner: 2 buffalo chicken wings, 3 oz. grilled buffalo chicken tenders, buttload of broccoli

HOLY dairy batman! I just wanted all the dairy today.

Calories: 1,190   Protein: 118g   Carbs:  107g/net 77g  Fiber: 30g  Sugar: 31g  Fat: 46g


Carbs: 33%   Fat: 31%   Protein: 36%



Food Journal Thursday, August 3

Breakfast: Bluberry Muffin quest bar, coffee with half and half

Snack: Light string cheese

Lunch: Life wheat protein bread with tuscan chicken breast, pickled beans, curried cauliflower

Snack: 2 Sauder’s buffalo hard boiled eggs

Dinner: 6oz. Ahi Tuna steak, 1 tbsp primal kitchen chipotle lime mayo, smart classics (alexa) crinkle cut fries

Snack: blueberries and strawberries with 4 squares lily’s dark chocolate with almonds

Calories:1,074 Protein:  110g  Fat: 44g  Carbs: 67g /44g net Fiber: 23g


Carbs: 24%  Protein:  45% Fat: 36%


Food Journal Wednesday, August 2nd

Total Time in Bed:  8 hours        Total Sleep Time: 7 hours 24 mins.

Breakfast: 2 eggs and cheese on a plain bagel

Lunch: 1/2 falafel wrap, a few french fries

Snack: 1/2 falafel wrap, 1 scoop ben and jerry’s dairy free salted caramel almond brittle ice cream

Dinner: None

Snack: Sargento Light String Cheese

The kids and I took the ferry and biked almost 10 miles around Block Island. We ate when we could…which wasn’t enough, but I easily drank over 3 liters of water.

Cals: 1,343 Protein: 44g (horrible), Carbs: 159g/net 151g Fiber: 8g Fat: 50g Sugar: 44g

Macros: Carbs 50%  Fat 36%  Protein 14%


Food Journal Monday, July 31

Total time in Bed: 6.5 hours        Total Sleep Time: 6 hours 8 mins.

Breakfast 8:15am – Protein toast with all natural PB, 2 English cucumbers

Lunch 11:45am – dole chopped salad (no fixings or dressing), No Salt turkey breast, small avocado, opa ranch

Snack 2:50pm – Mary’s gone crackers, 1.5 scoops Vega vanilla protein

Dinner 6:15pm – 4oz. Cod with mustard kale, 1/2 slice of organic soft white bread and butter, seltzer water

Snack 8:30pm –  2 Trader joe’s dark chocolate honey mints, small slice of dried mango

Cals: 1,197 Protein: 104g  Carbs: 98g/77net  Fiber: 21g  Sugar: 33g  Fat: 44g


Carbs: 33%  Fat: 33%  Protein: 35%

Understandably, I was tired today. I took a nap after work/before dinner. Also, I woke up with an upset stomach which stuck with me all day. I think I went overboard on the dairy so I drastically cut dairy and took a probiotic. I also didn’t have coffee and just sipped ginger tumeric tea. Is anyone else in love with Trader Joe’s the way I am?

Food Journal Friday, July 28th

Time in Bed: 7 hours 50 mins     Total Sleep Time: 7 hours 13 mins.

I still feel like I haven’t had enough sleep and it is affecting my emotions. I also had some issues with getting my car fixed that dampened my mood more. I took a personal day at work.

Workout 7:15am: 1.5 mile run

Breakfast 10am: Spot! (our favorite bagel joint) Sesame bagel, 2 slices of bacon, 3 folded eggs, medium iced coffee with cream only.

Lunch 2:30pm: Life Wheat + Protein Bread, buffalo chicken breast, 1 trader Joe’s small avocado.

Snack 4pm: 1/2C ProYo Protein Mint choc. chip ice cream

Dinner 6:45pm:  Steamed chicken and vegetables from a Chinese Restaurant, with about 3oz. of rice (estimated).

Dessert 9:35pm: Mike’s Pastry Pecan Caramel Cannoli.

Tonight, we took our new friends who just moved to town out to see the sights of Boston. As a result of all the sight seeing, I walked 18,999 steps! If I had know it was so close, I would have takne 1 more step to make 19,000 haha.

Thursday July 27th, Food Journal

Time in Bed: 7 hours     Total Sleep Time: 6 hour and 42 minutes

Ok, I’m almost always working on a sleep deficit on Thursdays.

Breakfast 9am: Qia coconut oatmeal with 7oz Superseedz cinnamon and sugar pumpkin seeds (YUM!), 2 Egg white muffins (need to make more), 1 English Cucumber

Snack 11:30am: 2% Fage with cherries/strawberries/bluberries (felt really full before finishing this)

Lunch 1:00pm: 1/2 California roll, 3.2oz Teriyaki Salmon, 2 oz. rice, 1C miso soup, 10g Lily’s Dark chocolate with almonds

Dinner 4:30pm: BFree wrap, 3.5oz D&W buffalo style chicken breast, 1/2 Small avocado

Snack 6:30pm: Cabbage vegetable soup, 2 large shrimp

Calories: 1555, Protein: 127g, Carbs: 162g Fiber: 28g (Net:134g), Sugar: 40g, Fat: 50g

Wednesday, July 26th Food Journal

Time in Bed: 10 hours  Total Sleep: 8 hours/32 minutes

I woke up when my husband’s alarm went off at 5:30am and was disoriented with what time it was. So I looked at my phone for 30 minutes- then realized I was up way to early and went back to sleep.

Breakfast 11am: 2 Birch Benders Paleo Pancakes, 2 Egg White muffins, 4 slices of Pederson’s Paleo bacon (no sugar/nitrates).

I took my boys to the High School Track and we did a 400m sprint to warm up, then did drills on my agility ladder. I’m trying to make it fun for them, but there was lots of complaining! Heh…they always take time to warm up to my craziness.

I took them to the park afterward and we timed ourselves to see who could hold themselves up the longest on the monkey bars. **hint, hint…it wasn’t me** My oldest son complains the most, but he is also the strongest. Funny how that works out.

Lunch 2:30pm: BFree Gf multigrain wrap with D&W No Salt added turkey breast, Low sodium swiss cheese, Dijon Mustard, and Mayo. Angie’s Light Kettle Corn on the side.

Snack 3:30pm: Enlightened Peanut Butter Fudge Swirl Bar

Dinner 9:30pm: Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge All-in-One Protein shake.

Calories: 1255, Protein: 94g, Carbs: 100 (26g Fiber) net 74g, Sugar: 17g, Fat 53g

Today I felt good. I got a little sun on my shoulders, and was able to enjoy some of the perfect weather we have been having. I was running around most of the day, so I made sure to get some protein even though my “dinner” was late at night. I also didn’t want to have such a calorie deficit…I’m trying to keep my metabolism up.